April 18th, 2008

red blossom

Poem: If You ask

If you ask the birds
as they fly over the waves
when the high tide comes,
they cry out, cry out
that they are only sea birds,
birds, they know the air.
Ask the waves about the tides,
Ask the rolling sea.

If you ask the blossoms,
Sakura petals falling
in the breeze of spring
To tell you of the winter,
winter with it's snow,
They'll say that they are petals,
blossoms in the wind.
Ask the trees about the snow,
ask the ancient trees.
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Let me make it official...

I hate my mail server. They are once again working on it...sposed to be down for hours. Ever since they upgraded the software that made me leave my beloved Mozilla Seamonkey behind, it has been one problem after another.

If someone needs to get in touch with me, I suggest my gmail account, knittingknots825
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