April 8th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Books, books, books...

Been a fun week for me so far.  I have been trying to ration my book purchases, once a month, from Amazon, and they've all been trickling in. this week.

My haul so far:

The Arts of Japan: Late Medieval to Modern by Seiroku Noma.  Don't know how good the text is, but it's worth it for pictures.

The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Shuji Tamura -   Beautiful book  Doesn't totally give me all my answers about what sorts of things were historically embroidered before the Edo period, but it's a lovely book nonetheless.

Textile Art of Japan - Sunny Yang and Rochelle M. Narasin  Another gorgeous book; discusses a lot of things for the textile artist.  Fabric types, dyeing techniques, weaving and embroidery techniques, fabric painting.

Japanese Silk Designs in Full Color  ed by M P Verneuil - a lot of this is tapestry work, but includes other type of designs...an album of actual pics of fabric.

A Grammar of Japanese Ornament and Design by Thomas W. Cutler  A neat Dover book for those who are wanting to explore the types of artwork that turn up in all sorts of uses.  B&W repros of Japanese art designs. 

Japanese Textile Designs by Ming-ju Sun.  What's basically line drawings like coloring book type of Japanese textile patterns, including some women from old Japanese prints.

Japanese Medieval Population: Famine, Fertility, and Warfare in a Transformative Age by William Wayne Farris.  A real, in depth social history with statisics and lots and lots of footnotes.  I'd been lusting for this book for over 2 months and finally popped the pricey price.

And lest you think I only read stuff about Japan,

The Complete Jack the Ripper by Donald Rumbelow.

I've got another JTR book coming in, but it's on backorder.  Boohoo!

And with husband trying to buy everything in the world for Turkey season, that's probably all the books I'll buy this month.  Sigh.

I bet you'd never figure out I like textile history (LOL).
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