April 4th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Memes and things

Knee is still mightly unhappy. There I was at the banquet, tolerable though, blasting music through my walkman, alternating writing chap 11 notes longhand and reading about Japanese cultural history before the Meiji Restoration....learning various interesting things, like male, non-textile historians don't really understand how linen type fabric actually feels and washes, and that futons really didn't come into use until the mid 17th century when cotton cloth become more common, and that Edo in the 18th century was larger and a healthier place to live than London at the same time. And folks ate a lot more meat than people would have you believe.

so now I'm sitting here amazingly tired, but wired on too much coffee.....so I took a quiz, instead of calling it a night.

You Belong in New York

You're a girl on the go, and LA's laid back lifestyle isn't really your thing.

You prefer a city that never sleeps, and people as ambitious as you are.

Cultured and street smart, you can truly appreciate everything New York has to offer.