February 27th, 2008

KK with Kanji

Two Poems

Both of these are Japanese inspired, and were actually written for two different characters in Evil In Men's Hearts.

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(The plants mentioned,  Wild Pink, Kudzu, Bush Clover, Ague Weed, Pampas Grass, Chinese Bellflower and Golden Lace are the 7 autumn grasses, a seasonal symbol.  I was having fun.  I don't care a whole lot if nobody catches the nuancing.  I enjoyed the challenge!)

The second one is much sadder, and written particularly for a character who is grieving a lost love - (definitely not my sorrow.)

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KK with Kanji

The one phrase....

The one phrase, in any variation that I most hate in  summaries of recently written fanfics:

Kagome saw InuYasha kissing Kikyou.

The one phrase, in any variation, I hate to see in recently written fan  fictions:

"But what about Kikyou?"

close runner up:  "Get your hands off my woman, mangy mutt!"

(looked at one teen fic too many tonight.  Grrrrrrrrr)
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