February 25th, 2008


I'd been so good all month.

I really, really had been so good all month.

And then I saw a bibliography of books on Japanese fashion.

So I ended up at Amazon.

And I ended up ordering yet another expensive out of print book on historical clothing.

Japanese Costume: History and Tradition. Alan Kennedy. Paris, 1990. This book examines the innovations in design and technique that produced Japanese costumes from the 16th through the19th centuries. Separate chapters are devoted to the clothing worn by different sectors of society: samurai, townspeople, actors and Buddhist clerics. Superb examples illustrate the way the costumes were made, the design elements and their origins, and the meaning and uses of motifs.

Or so the review tells me.  It does trace the kosode, theatre costume and the kesa, clothing worn by Buddhist monks.

And it never stops at one book.

Measure and Construction of the Japanese House  was my second choice.  This is a book from an architect's viewpoint about traditional Japanese house construction.

I KNOW that the 16th century is a transition period in Japanese rural architectural styles  And I bet it's all Edo  and Meiji period stuff.  But what the hey, I'll know more.  Supposed to get in on Wednesday.  I suspect it will influence the building of  InuYasha's and Miroku's houses in ATE, though....unless I get lazy and go Fanon. (Personally, I think the whole build a house as courtship act is probably at least in part fanon, anyway, from what I have been able to dig up so far.  Eldest sons, the ones most likely to marry in peasant society, lived with their parents until and brought their wives into the parents' home.  But still, Inu and Miroku need   houses, so it surely makes sense for them to get them in my story...)

O, and I threw in a Dover coloring book called Japanese fashions.

Still looking for info on Japanese medieval social history....someday, I'll find it....sigh.  Oh the compulsion to learn more....
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This is just a little practice piece.  It fits somewhere in the ATE universe, probably not long after the well has closed, and was inspired by a outfit I saw on the Costume Museum's website

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