February 21st, 2008

fire devil

ACK....Brain Parasites!

 Bad, bad, fiction writer -- My brain has cooties now!  How could she do that to Kagome! 

Shudder.  But  written too well for Truck Stop Sushi.  lots of OOC, of course.  There needs to be a special place in purgatory for character abuse.  This one had a lot of them...Kouga...rape....unwanted pregnancies...bandits....Sesshoumaru...turning hanyou...and lots of Inu abuse.  Shudder.  With no warnings.  Inu gets Kagome in the end, but still... there wasn't enough story depth to justify why all this would happen if the characters had been themselves.    My suspension of disbelief has been battered and is getting ready to file assault charges on me for trying to read it

(I didn't read the whole thing.  I sampled.  I would have died if I had tried to read it all)


Time for a good brain washing. 
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