January 20th, 2008

KK with Kanji

So there I was...

Came into a little extra money, a bequest from my grandma, so where do I go?

Amazon.com, of course.

I did show some restraint. I put the $35.00 social history of medieval Japan back on the shelf until later. And I, sighingly, decided not to buy the Ningen InuYasha action figure at this time.

But I did pop for Edo, the City that Became Tokyo: An Illustrated History because I was weak.

And 8 or 9 other books.

But it was my Grandma who gave me the first books when I was seven about history and exploration and archaeology which turned me into a compulsive social science otaku.

I don't think she would think it was badly spent.

But now I've got so many Japan related books that I need another bookcase....the fun(not) part is trying to figure out where to put it.
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The Continuing Adventures of Nikkie and KK: Go Fish

Crackfic. inuhanyounikkie and I amuse ourselves from time to time writing the adventures of Nikkie, KK and their intrepid sidekick Pink (who is, of course, a bright pink plotbunny), crazed fangirlz who wander through the Sengoku Jidai wreaking havoc on InuYasha and company.  This piece was the result of a challenge that Nikkie gave me, to use a InuYasha parody of the drunken sailor song in one of our adventures.

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