January 16th, 2008


Ganked, I tell ya....Ganked

Because, why not?

LiveJournal Username
The plumber who has come to fix the pipes:inugrrrl
The horny high-school teacher/college professor:silverontherose
The repressed person with a secret kink:knittingknots
The leather-clad dom:vikikibouki
The pizza delivery driver:neko_sama3
And lastly... the babysitter:grammy1106
Your movie will take:$98,603
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Not Ganked, I tell ya!

Nope, I went and looked this one myself....

LiveJournal Username
Do you watch anime?
Do you speak Japanese?
Do you read Japanese?
What if LiveJournal were an anime?
Pick a Beach Boys song.
The performer of the opening themewicked_oni
The magical girll_poetica
The talking animalinuyashaloverr
The lecherous old mane_destiny
The teenager who uses ancient magic to win gamesinugrrrl
The fifteen-year-old Japanese girl with blond hair and a D cupknittingknots
Number of seasons it would last34,181
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