December 28th, 2007

KK with Kanji


I hate snow.

It's been snowing since about 2 am.

It's supposed to keep snowing (with some breaks) until Monday.


But what I hate worse are sinus headaches.  Especially when they wake me up in the middle of the night so I can see that it's snowing.

Double GRRRRRRRRR.....

But the editing goes on.  Finished reposting chapter 15, have proofed 16, and made hard copies of all the rest (I proof fastest on paper).

With all this snow, and nothing really new to read, might as well keep working to finish the job.

I can't even get Snark Monster to tell a joke.  Time to hope I can find some sudafed.
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KK with Kanji

Happiness is...

Happiness is finishing a long editing assignment.

Yay!  Time to put away the red ink for a little while.

Maybe tomorrow I can enjoy snow and cocoa and work on something fun.  Pictures to edit, fics to work on....mittens to knit!
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