November 3rd, 2007

KK with Kanji

Ah, to sleep....

To sleep, perchance to doze.

Too caffeinated, too adrenalined, too wired.

Time for cocoa.  Don't have any bananas to go with that, though. 
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KK with Kanji

Snark! How about a bad poem contest?

How about a cheesy bad Inuyasha universe poem contest?


I'm obviously bored.


Well this is cheesy, but I wrote it a few days ago:

Tentacle Love

I've been plotting all night, my hand's itchy to feel
That black jewel power that makes me squeal
Magatsuhi calls, says I need you here
Those stupid dogs have come, then I'm shifting gear.
That Miko's calling standing right in front of him,
I get the itchin' as I'm standing right above,
I don't need no orders at all.
I got a thing I call tentacle love
It wraps around her o so fine, tentacle love.

With some apologies to Golden Earring for letting Naraku get anywhere near Radar Love

Cheesy Haiku

A fleshy white spear
Clear sign of a twisted mind
tangled mikowards

I'm still obviously bored (no pun intended)
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