October 18th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Somebody teach me....

Somebody teach me how to slip into sustained writer's mind when my beloved husband keeps reading me cute stories, black powder gun information, world war 2 history tidbits,  stuff about American Revolution and other 18th century history and reenacting, duck and deer hunting stuff, and wants to show me all sorts of interesting photos.

All these are things that I'm interested in, and we normally share.

And he's staying up later and later every night.

It's ok  if all I'm writing is poetry, but I'm starting to pull my hair out.  It makes it darn difficult to work on EIMH...He used to go to bed around 10:30...and now it's after midnight...no wonder I don't get to bed before 5 or 6....

Yet Lord knows, I would rather him be here than not.  He was gone so much this summer that I missed him horribly.  I need to learn how to work while he does this. 

I think it's like being embarrassed at being caught doing something a bit naughty, where you don't want anybody to see what you're doing...like when I was in junior high and writing poems and the teacher thought I was writing notes to pass....I'd been much less embarrassed if he had caught me writing notes!

LOL.  What a silly quandry!
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