October 16th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Did it again....

Stayed up all night reading fics...was going to write, but got sucked into a good story that had a continuation and had to read both...

Now the question is:  Do I try to stay up around the clock, or go to sleep this morning now that it's 6 in the morning?

I think sleep's going to win, though...
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KK with Kanji


Alas and alack!
The ebullience of her voice
ringing in the morn
like a flock of birds singing
brought pillow over his ears.

(I occasionally post to a word of the day thread on a forum I hang out on...the word was ebullience - reminded me of how a friend of mine just didn't deal well with how bubbly and chatty I can be first thing in the morning.....Once again, I fall back on my beloved tanka verse form.)
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