October 15th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Semi-rhetorical question #189 and some idle wondering....

Why do people spend so much time and passion discussing what will happen in future Manga episodes (to the point of ruining relationships when it really gets hot) when they have absolutely no control over decisions RT makes?

Bonus question:  idly wondering if spoilers are released to gauge the amount of froth and interest the fanbase has....

Off-topic idle question:  why does caffeine taste so good in mocha coffee and so bad in chewing gum?
KK with Kanji

Unfinished Plots

Unfinished Plots:  A Tanka

Amazing the tales --
crystal bright in thought's own eye
filled with brilliant words
left there, hanging like clouds
an unfinished storm of dream

(in memorium to several good pieces I read today that just weren't quite completed and have been un-updated for over a year)
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