October 8th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Sleep, Sudafed and Old Dogs

Well,  my wonderful 24 hour escape of staying up around the clock got subverted the second day.

Last night, I had a bad sinus headache.  Bad.  I don't get much in the ways of allergies, so antihistamines don't do it.  I need things to reduce the tissue swelling.  Last night with my head screaming I had to take a sudafed.

Now that always makes me sleep really light anyway.  Didn't even get to bed until 1, but I thought, at least it was before dawn.  But about 3:30 the youngest of my three dogs decided she had to go.  Whining and yipping.  This dog almost never does this, and so I knew it was serious.  Hubby was in full ignore mode, so I got up to let the dog out. 

I can't just let the dog go out and that's it.  I have to wait for her to come in.  The oldest dog, about the time I brought the youngest in wanted to go out.

By this time I am wide awake and unhappy.

I sat down and wrote some, finally crawling off to bed about 7 not to get up until noon.

Woke up really irritated at hubby for not being willing to do doggie duty. 

Our dogs are old: 15, 13 and 10.  They have old folks' digestion.  If you don't get up for them, they find places to take care of the problem.

Back to the drawing board.  At least I got my chapter finished, and a start on chapter 20....
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KK with Kanji

Quiz time

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