August 27th, 2007

KK with Kanji

InuYasha's Vision

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of its characters.

InuYasha's Vision

Protecting goddess,
this small slip of a woman-child,
Kami bright,
standing there with bow and arrow drawn,
in that way women become
standing over the ones they love --
how often she had brought him back
from the edge of the abbys..

And even when she would collapse  in anger,
or fear
or grief,
he would watch her in amazement,
this woman,
stronger than any,
who thought it was all an act of kindness.

How dare he warm himself at her fire,
Kami bright,
and yet like a moth,
he always returned,
unable to stay away.

He would keep her there
In the shrine of his heart,
youki guarded,
KK with Kanji

Happy Birthday doggieearlover!

A poem for the day for  doggieearlover!

When the flying cow drops out of the sky,
and Toutousai gives a look and a lonesome sigh,
while swords become fangs right under our eye,
Something interesting this way comes.

When Rin, looking cute weaves a bright flower crown
While the golden eyed youkai glides by, looking down
As his red clad brother kehs! (is it verb? is it noun?)
Something interesting this way comes.

Miroku's out cruising, but that's never new,
Sango readies his bruising for being untrue,
Mama Higarashi will know just what to do
Something interesting this way comes.

Kagome in the kitchen bakes a cake in the night
(be glad it's not Sango - I hear her cooking's a fright)
While Kitsune fire kindles a number of lights
Something interesting this way comes.

It's a day that comes round only once a year,
Something to notice with more than just a tweak of an ear
The gang gathers round to say with a smile loud and clear,
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

(all right, it's corny, but it's original.....)
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