August 23rd, 2007

KK with Kanji

A Choka: Dukkha


To live is to hurt
attachments entangle all
pulling the heartstrings
like pearls the tears fall
burning pains with each heartbeat
weeping mournful call
Noble truths are told
Paths to lift the painful pall
shifting gears to light.
Kannon, do you care for all
Shared pain, bodhisattva's call.

(Dukkha = suffering (lots of nuance, though: )
KK with Kanji

Wildfire and birthdays don't mix....

Husband is putting his name back into the pot tomorrow, and is likely to miss being here on my birthday, so we went out this evening.  Dinner and what?  A trip to the bookstore, what else?

And what did I get?

A Way to Victory:  the Annotated Book of Five Rings

How to Speak Dog

The Samurai Sword:  A Handbook

Zen Lessons:  The Art of Leadership.

What fun choosing.   
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