August 20th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Youkai InuYasha II

Reworking my earlier poem into something rhymed.  Darker.  Must be what happens when you write stuff like this listening to NIN

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of its characters

Youkai InuYasha II

He wears his strength like a shield,
Burning hot in the night
Wrapped in fine skin and silver hair,
An eldritch sight
Otherworldly eyes, red coals
Hot with burning light.

Adorned with the knowledge
Of lightly reigned in fire,
He sees and smiles,
Red heat desire,
He moves swifter than you think
Blood red warrior dire.

Sardonic passion dancing in his step --
How graceful each motion.
A kiss of hot red death perhaps, a potion
Bleeds into a a conflagration
Firestorm red the notion.

Look into those eyes  --
This is it.
Bare your throat, 

Prepare to bleed.
KK with Kanji

Life Is Like a Beanstalk, Isn't it?

(extra brownie points for anybody who recognized that that was a quote from a band back in '68...and can name the band.)

Hubby's coming home today from is a mess, cause all I've been doing is writing and writing research...LOL...and I still haven't backed up his My documents directory.

means I won't be able to spend all day contemplating how to get from point A to point C and still have my characters stay in character. 

First thing that will happen, is I'll go crazy for a day or two with having another person in the house...too much noise!

But I am glad he's coming home.  I'm actually looking forward to fire season being over so I can have him home all winter, when hot flashes at 3 am aren't such aggravating things.
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