August 12th, 2007

KK with Kanji

My sleep cycle is screwed!

Fell asleep at 8:30 last night.  Woke up at 12:30, fully awake.  Stumbled onto the computer, thought I'd putter around awhile, ran into a Sess/Rin piece written mostly back in 2004 by Wicked Oni, and I got hooked, at then it was 5 am and time to give my hubby his wakeup call.  And then I made coffee.  And then I discovered some perfect research materials regarding some details in the story I am writing, and now I am ready for cup of coffee # 2  (freshly ground medium roast flavored with almond and chocolate.  I'm a bit self-indulgent when it comes to coffees and bookbuying..

Now I'm ready for the second cup. 

So the morning started at midnight for me.  That's a good five hours off sync.

I don't know if it's just that I'm wired, but i feel creative.  We'll see if it's just an illusion.....
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KK with Kanji

Out of My Dreams

(took a nap after reading a long Sess/Rin fic, and someone walked all over my dream.  So, waking up, I wrote this:

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of its characters

Out of My Dreams, Sesshoumaru

Get out of my dreams, Sesshoumaru, if you please --
No sasshaying through my nighttime fantasies
With your silver hair and your golden eyes.
Nope, you won't hear any heartfelt sighs
Coming from my direction.
I don't need that bishonen connection.
You just aren't grubby enough for the likes of me --
Too youkai, too eldritch too otherworldly  --
My mama didn't raise no fool.

Stay out of my dreams, Sesshoumaru, sir  --
I don't want to feel that youki rise up in a whir
Every time you pass by going here and going there,
A samurai shaped Lord Byron,  with a burning stare--
Let Jaken deal with all the broken hearts in your wake--
Sometimes I bet that he needs a rake
To scrape a path through the fangirls wailing at night
For their demon lover to come into their sight,
But that's not my cup of tea.

O Sesshoumaru-sama, I respect you,  you know,
Admire your beauty and elegance, and  how you go
Round the land with that perfect samurai elegance and pride
Never a hair out of place, that gorgeous glide--
Let me admire from afar  -- I'm too working class in my ways
To let you romp through my subconsious getting lost in the daze,
And dreamscapes are just such fertile ground for misbehaving  --
I don't need a new habit, a new obsession, a new craving.
Please keep your sweet butt in the manga.