July 30th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Smarmy moments....

Read a fiction that made me want to take a shower because of what it did to Kagome.... and thus this popped out of my brain:

Kagome, Kagome, what have they done?
Ran off with you to the hot setting sun,
They've bound you, and beat you and messed up your head
Let your enemies claim you and left you for dead.
They've made Kikyo shoot you like a tramp and a thief
They've let Kouga abuse you to give you more grief,
InuYasha screams at you by night and by day,
And the monk and the slayer have to much to say
Interupting all good moments.

Kagome, Kagome, what have they done,
this crazed group of writers just out to have fun?
How many ways has your innocence been taken,
How many ways has your kind heart been shaken
By angst and by slander, by youkai and more,
Kidnapped and molested - I cannot keep score.
They twist up your life worse than shards of the jewel --
And how many times will they send you to school
Just so Eri can make you go out with Hojo?

Kagome, Kagome, run, run away!
Take InuYasha and Shippou while it is still day --
Before their fingers start typing your life into bits
And give you more homework and InuYasha more sits.
And they send you to Sesshoumaru to take care of Rin
And let him confuse you with some trite lover's scene,
Or worse, let Naraku plot plans there with Kikyou
To send you off somewhere away from your Hanyou
Leaving you to die.

Kagome, Kagome, run straight to RT
And tell her the things that the fans want to see --
But beware of the fangirls who prowl through the night
Beware of the twisty hot things in their sight
When their keyboards are fired up and hotter than flame --
And you become the victim they love to claim --
But one day the manga will finish, and you'll get to be
The girl that RT has proclaimed you ought to be
Canonically proper.
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