July 26th, 2007

KK with Kanji

Experiments with verse forms: Tanka

Tanka is a Japanese verse form of 31 syllables of 5-7-5, 7-7

I was actually doing something else, but my brain said write some. So I did. All centering around InuYasha (and mostly his relationship with Kagome).


Beneath the dark sky
star-filled without bright moonlight
amber turns violet.
Silver masked as midnight waits,
Poised to pounce at Youkai dawn.


The emptiness strikes
When across the weight of years
Her sweet scent leaves him.
How heavy time presses on him --
Five hundred years, one blue flash.


Sakura blossoms
caught once in her midnight hair
waiting as he looked.
Contradictions fail at times,
and when whole, he knows his heart.


Empty heart a cup
filled with her certain bright smile,
note of early spring
to be savored privately
as it warms his heart alone.
KK with Kanji

Jewel of Four Souls

Not exactly sure if I have finished this yet.

Like an ancient wheel, it rides unsteady in their hands,
This thing reflecting the four souls,
as if the axle piercing it was not really true,
from black to lightest pink the jewel glows
touched for good or ill by many wants,
the war goes on without and still the jewel knows
the fight forever within.

Good balances with evil only for awhile,
Light overcomes the night, briefly, too.
Night tries to eat the morning sun,
but sun arises once again, black sky to blue.
Human hearts, touched by purity still strive
Against human hearts corrupted, humans who
choose the darkness, and become something different,
demon bound.

Midoriko! Brought low by hanyou hand,
binding there the fight forever more
Inside a jewel that shatters in its fight,
that tests the ways of love down to the core.
Is there rest for you, O purifying slayer?
Is there a way out of that locked door?
Or is the combat there to last forever?

Do not wish upon that jewel without knowing
only the right wish will end the plight
And free the miko wrapped in battle ever
And let her soul walk into that bright light.
A miko fought and sealed a hanyou heart,
A miko was destroyed by hanyou fight,
A miko seeks to rescue that poor jewel from its fate
And with her Hanyou protector make things right.
Will the axle be balanced and the souls set free?
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KK with Kanji

Once more into the Fire Wars

Hubby is getting ready to go to a wildfire called the Middle Fork Complex in the Boise National Forest in Idaho. He's an information officer; he doesn't actually go up and cut fireline like he did when he was younger. Instead, now he spends most of his time passing information to residents and occasionally the press about what's happening.

We're getting into peak intermountain west fire season. August tends to be the fieriest month.
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