knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Unspoken Words

I/K, of course. 

Unspoken Words

The touch of your skin
silk underneath my fingers
amazes me still,
and how my touch can move you,
how you choose to touch me back.

And when I lay here,
gaze into your blue-gray eyes
deep as the ocean
heavy-lidded with your want,
I can do nothing but drown.

You smile, laying here
your warm body next to mine,
with my silver hair
twisted around your fingers,
my heart just as bound to yours.

Let me kiss you now,
each brush of my lips on yours
each soft velvet touch
will be then a solemn vow
of just what you mean to me.

And in our joining
as you give yourself to me
that most special gift
holding back nothing at all,
I will give you my whole self.
Tags: poem

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