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Poem: Firelight


Kissed by firelight,
they sat next to each other,
their lips gently brushing
her hand threading through his silver hair,
his hand cupping through the cascade of her dark.
The warm light
danced over their skin,
their hair,
making the silks
sliding off their shoulders
slip into pools of warm red
and honey kissed deep blue,
glowing in the shadow.

None but the fire witnessed
how her fingers
found the tie to his jacket,
pulled it loose
to find the warm skin beneath,
how he slid the red silk from her shoulders,
loosened the neckline of her robes
as he trailed warm kisses down the arc of her neck
as she closed her eyes in delight.

None but the fire would know
as it flickered its blessing
unnoticed by the couple wrapped up in a world
that was just big enough for two,
how the fine silks,
badges of their union,
had become barricades separating them
from the silken touch they desired,
how bit by bit, the garments were slipped off
with gentle nudges
and soft caresses
and tender kisses,
in delicious discovery
to a tune that only lovers sing.

None but the fire would witness,
and the shadow wrapping around them,
and the pile of silks,
and their own two hearts
as their voices cried out in the night,
and that would be enough.
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