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Fan girl moments and bookstore tempations...

Well this afternoon, I ran off to the mall, supposedly so I could sit down in the food court and play with plot bunnies  safely away from the temptations of the net.  And me and my plot bunnies had a good time and made some progress on 3 ideas running around in my head.


And this is an important but

I stopped into Borders.  2 more volumes of InuYasha.  That's not surprising.  A copy of the Mabinogion and the Poetic Edda (once a medievalist, always, I suppose.)  Iddyls of the King by Tennyson (don't know what happened to my Mabinogion or Tennyson, but they were gone).  The latest Shonen Jump so I can continue reading the contininuing adventures of Hikaru no Go (cause I like how it's drawn, I think) and being amazed at how Naruto moves as slow as the Young and the Restless.

But my real fangirl moment came by as I walked by a display of anime toys.  Most of them are for things like Bleach and Yu-gi-oh and Naruto, but there it was.  I had to have it.  A Youkai InuYasha action figure.  Came with volume 19 of the manga, too (which I already have an extra copy of.)

I feel kind of silly when I go through the check out with all these type of things, but I have yet to say something like "they're for my grandkids."  I haven't gotten that low yet.

I could say it was for my birthday.  Least I passed up on the Sess wall poster.  Might have too much trouble explaining that one to my long suffering hubby.....
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