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Random Facts meme

Consider yourself tagged if you haven't been tagged yet.   And look, Sensei!  I put it behind a cut!  LOL

1) I read my first not-kiddie paperback SF book at the age of 8

2.  I read Simone De Beavoir's the Second Sex when I was 12.  My mom had hidden in in the closet.  I also read Valley of the Dolls that year, also in the same place.  Being a latch-key kid has its advantages.

3.  When I was 13, I had a horrendous crush on Donovan.

4.  My first being really crazy over it fandom was Dark Shadows, but then I was 13-14 when that happened.

5. At 16, I learned how to cast horoscopes.

6.  For a while, when I was 20, I made a living reading tarot cards.

7.  When I was 20, I worked a couple of months as a gogo dancer.

8. I had my first poem published at 17.

9.  At  19, I taught myself something of boolean algebra just for fun.

10.  At 20, I hitchhiked across Florida for about 3 weeks.  Later that year, I would hitchhike from New Orleans to Jacksonville and from Jacksonville to Boston and back.

11.  When I was a kid (tween through twenties) I would yoyo between wicca, hinduism and Buddhism.  When I was in my late twenties and beyond, it was a yoyo between Catholic mysticism and Zen.  That's pretty much where it still is.  But I have seriously studied most major religious systems.

12.  There was a period in time that people assumed I was gay, in part because of who my best friends were.

13.  I read The Sound and the Fury for fun, not for class.

14.  I once taught myself double-entry bookkeeping so I could help a friend set up his Peachtree accounting software and get his accounts entered properly.

15.  I taught myself to knit when I was 9.

16.  I have six bookcases.  I need at least 2 more.
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