knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Now this was interesting....

Ran across this little news story about rudeness by acronym in Japan:

She thinks he's too bloody KY by far, and he's sick to death of being treated like an NTT - and if things get much more MM, he's going to MK5 and she's going to jolly well flounce off to HR.

Welcome to 21st-century Japan, no longer the land of harmony and politeness but a grim new world of acrimony by acronym.

If you were baffled by the opening sentence, you are in good company: most Japanese above the age of 25 have no idea what the dizzying new abbreviations in their language actually mean, and only the dimmest sense that they are being judged secretly and ridiculed by the younger generation.

(rest of the article here)

Tags: culture, slang
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