knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Let Me

An I/K wedding night kiss

Let  Me

"Let me," he says,
sliding the smooth silk off her shoulders
until it catches at her elbows,
making graceful folds of red silk
mixed with shadows.

His mouth breathes her name,
almost soundlessly against her ear
as his arms reach around her,
easing one, then the other sleeve
away from her body,
his silver hair,
soft as the silk of her robe
touching her cheek.

Still in the circle of his arms
looking up,
she captures the warm amber of his eyes,
heavy lidded,  longing,
with the gray of her own.

"Husband," she whispers
as he pulls her near,
red fabric now forgotten,
pools around them,
as he loses himself  in the silk of her lips.
Tags: poem

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