knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Attention

Just a bit of IK fluff for a change of pace.


She watched him,
the half smile on his face,
his hair cascading behind him
in a silver fan that spilled off the bed,
at rest.

Leaning across his center,
she let her hand soft and delicate,
play across the ridges of his chest,
amused as he reacted.

Cracking  open amber eyes,
and grabbing her wrist with one hand,
and her waist with the other
he pulled her closer.
eye to eye,
nose to nose

"You know I'm not ticklish," he said
holding her snugly against him
warm skin sliding over warm skin.
Smiling, she ran her fingers through his hair,
 brushed her lips softly against his,
"But I got your attention,” she replied,
and kissed him again.

Tags: poem

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