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Evil alarm clocks!

Alright. I stayed up reading a good, long, but abandoned fan fic last night. (I hate when I discover that the story I think is so great was left unresolved two years ago.  Sigh.).  But I dutifully set my alarm clock for 5 so I could wake up and call hubby before he got up and running.  It was almost two when I went to sleep.  Alarm set for 5.  I knew I could go back to bed once it went off.

Messed up setting the alarm, though.  I wake up and the telephone is ringing.  My alarm says 6: 18.  Thought hubby had really overslept, and me too.  Turns out he was about 20 minutes late.  My clock had gotten set an hour ahead.

Good faeries were watching out for me.  Glad after going to bed at 2, I didn't get up at 4.....

Still probably need a nap, though, before the day is done.  3 hours sleep isn't much more than 2.

Got out yesterday and took some nice pics.  Note to self:  remember sunscreen and wear long sleeve shirts.  There were a number of people tubing down the Boise, even if it was on a Monday midday.
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