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Drabble: Cold Morning

Just a little bit o' IK fluff

Cold Morning

InuYasha  woke up slowly as the light slowly crept into the room announcing the dawn.

The first thing he realized was the warmth of Kagome’s body spooned next to his as they rested under their quilt.  The second thing or maybe the third, was that the air in their small house was cold, and that it just felt so good to feel his wife's curves pressing against him.

"I really ought to get up and get the fire going," he muttered, but as he nuzzled  his nose against her neck, breathing in Kagome’s sweet scent, pulling her a little closer to him, the idea of leaving this warm comfortable spot became less and less interesting and staying seemed the better choice.  His hand gently moved from around her waist to the top of her hip and down her thigh. She moved a little, pressing closer to him.  The effect was pleasant, so he did it again, running his hand lightly from her thigh, up to her breast.  As he ran her thumb across her nipple, he could feel it grow hard.

"Uhm," she said, wiggling against  him.  "That feels good."

He repeated it once more, this time dipping his hand towards her inner thigh, as his mouth planted little kisses on her neck and shoulders.

She rolled onto her back.  "Very nice.  But I'm still not getting out of bed to start the fire," she said.  "That's your job."

His eyes laughing, he kissed her thoroughly until she lay under him, breathless.  "I think I already have,"   he said, and continued on to  finish what he started.

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