knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Reality


He wasn’t sure when it happened,
when the reality sunk in,
when he began to believe that this was his life,
not a fantasy,
but here he was,

He snuggled her close
as he watched,
in a room lit by the dying embers of the fire,
how the faint light highlighted her hair,
the woman who freed him
bound him,
gave him a new life,
gave him an impossible dream
and made it happen.
He could never put into words
what her presence meant to his life,
so he wrapped his body a little closer around her,
breathing in her scent,
listening to her breath as she lay there asleep,
her body wrapped around their child.

he rested his arm over them both,
keeping them safe
in the circle of his love
and by the strength of his body,
the two souls who made everything different,
his life a waking dream,
who chased the nightmare away.

(I see this poem describing a moment following after the birth of InuYasha and Kagome's child in my post manga story my story timeline this probably takes place about late May or June 1558.)
Tags: poem

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