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Poem: First Night

Now this poem has a weird evolution.  kryptoinuyasha  did a piece of art for my story Yesterday's Tomorrows, chapter 2 , called Dreams Are Not Enough.  Well this poem came from a contemplation of that piece of art, which I guess kind of means I wrote a poem based on an artistic interpretation of one of my stories.  Sounds almost incestuous, in a creative way, eh?  Let's just say I recycle.

First Night

His hand, large and rough,
touched hers, soft, fine, palm to palm
pausing for a time
until each claw-tipped finger
slipped between each one of hers.

Amber eyes searched hers,
heavy lidded and hungry
in golden lamplight
looking for confirmation
there in her stormy gray eyes.

Her free hand lifted,
hesitantly touched his cheek,
racing through him in her touch –
he leaned into her caress.

“Woman,” he whispered.
His heart pounding as she touched,
he pulled her closer
wrapping himself up in her scent,
her warmth, her reality.

“I...I ...” he stammered.
Leaning up she brushed his lips
with hers, soft velvet.
“Don’t leave me again,” he said,
surrendering and conquered.

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