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Busy, busy....

I am a day's writing behind in my NanoWriMo piece, but not to fear, cause I am back at work.

Now after celebrating the rite of the American Way of selecting leaders, (a rite I have followed since being a rather small preschool fry during the Kennedy-Nixon election (just call me politically precocious)), I am plugged into my stereo headphones and getting back on task.  Up to 5841 words, about 2500 words behind schedule.  Oh well.  Time to get cracking!

Two Tanka for ya, though:

The first touch of cold
as I hear the geese calling
in their morning flight.
No red dawn awaits me now –
the gray skies have taken charge.

Before the sun rose
the morning called out to me
and so I answered.
Finding snow on my doorstep,
I looked at the sky and sighed.

They were written a day apart.  I'm involved in a tanka challenge for November, too....
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