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The Daddy's out of town and Mama can't sleep blues....

Never sleep all that good when he's out of town.  Did my usual 3:30 in the morning hot flash.

Yesterday was not too bad, though.  I managed to write one narrative and one tanka poem, and keep up with the dishes. 

It was too cloudy to take pics, so I went to the local music/book store and bought  3 cds  and a copy of Bullfinch's Mythology (the one that has the age of chivalry stuff in I have handy retellings of the Arthurian stuff, the Roland stuff and other medieval stuff. ),.

I want to get a new copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Maybe I'll order it from Amazon instead of popping down to Borders.  Hard for me to get out of Borders for under $100 dollars.  I am such a book geek.
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