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Ah, life....and references

Yesterday I felt squicked out by serious fandomage (didn't matter which fandom, it was certain things about fandoming in general,) and instead, spent the time researching about Kitsune legend....but today I've spent the morning reading schmaltzy bits of my favorite fanfics...maybe that means Cotton's coming back home after being AWOL for almost a week....I need some fluff!  LOL.

Ah the joys of being almost bipolar....

But I learned a lot about Kitsune stuff...most recent thing I read tracked things into the 1950s, where people were still reporting being tricked by foxes, and even still mentioned the occasional tale of fox possession...

Other neat research tidbits I've seen lately:

Here are some jpgs of 16th century art.

A neat little page on the 7 grasses of spring and the 7 grasses of autumn with pictures

And this is a nice site about Japanese armour

I've been weakening my hubby...he's found out that shooting a 16th century firearm kind of cool...and we know someone who's selling thing you know, I'll get him dressed up as an Ashigaru, a Japanese foot soldier...LOL.
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