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Her Protector

Her Protector

Looking fair as a kami to his biased eye,
Kagome stepped out of the hot spring as twilight faded
Steam rose from the warm water, lapping each thigh
The rising moonlight touching her as she waded,
Turning water droplets down her creamy skin into pearls.

He hid in the shadows, not supposed to be there,
His ears flickering as he listened for any stray sound,
Any threat to the woman with the raven black hair
And the beautiful scent who had him quite bound
Unable to tear away his eyes as he kept guard.

As she left the water, wrapped her hair to dry,
He watched how the growing shadows kissed the shape of a breast,
Touched the curve of a hip; he gave the softest sigh
As she finished drying, grabbed her clothes and got dressed,
And lighting her lamp, walked back to camp.

When it was safe, and she was out of sight,
He jumped to the ground in a flash of silver and red,
Ready to begin the rituals of another night
When he pretends as she settles down to bed
That he does not have those urges to make her fully his.

Honor and integrity,
Embarrassment and propriety
Fear of rejection and past calamity
Sometimes makes fools for love.
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