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Poem --Show me: An Election Year Meditation

Behind the cut  just because.  Commentary in haiku on methodology, not party stance.  What, me talk politics on LJ?  (I'm in my usual end of the election season exhaustion, and yes, I was inspired by the fact that Salome wrote a haiku series, too, but I didn't read it.  I'm just stealing her concept.  Mostly, I peak at political forums right and left looking for information and get in a pox on all their heads frame of mind....)

Ah, can you show me
the truth behind miasma
clouds of blue and red,

Can you show me, yes,
without sound bites and buzz words
voices raised too loud

Can you show me truth
naked without the isms,
clean in the sunshine

Can you show me now
the connections that link us
honest self-interest

Demonstrate for me
how x implies y
without emoting.

Show me true reason
fears, worries and needs made plain
unwrapped by tin foil

Searching for the real
on a smoke filled battleground
I need a hot bath.

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