knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: Sometimes

In the midnight, sometimes, he awakens,
chased by the shadows of things that were once,
wrapping his heart in black gossamer webs,
and he breathes deep,
and the touch of her scent
scatters the night visions.

Sometimes then,
touched by moonlight and unwilling to sleep,
he watches her breathing,
soft and even,
the rise and fall of her chest under the covers,
and ponders the magic that wraps them together,
and ponders the magic of how much her touch means,
and ponders the magic of her wanting to share his life,
and he knows,
as he brushes a stray hair out of her face
that one is the most amazing magic of them all.

Sometimes, as his heart fills with wonder
and the moonlight dances across their bed,
he has to bend over,
touch his lips to hers
renew the promise of his heart to hers,
and sometimes,
with sleepy eyes and a warm heart and a wry smile,
she kisses him back

(Just a little IK fluff for the afternoon)
Tags: poem

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