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Drabble: Midnight Return

A dab of fluff....

Midnight Return

Lamplight, soft and flickering lit the room, touching his silver hair with warm highlights as he walked silently, setting his sword in its resting spot and unfastening his jacket. He draped the red garment on top of a chest. As he watched the sleeping woman, her black hair cascading over her arm, something inside of him stirred. He slipped off his hakama, and laid them on top of his suikan. Laying on the futon next to her, he leaned over her upper body, one arm on each side bearing his weight. He called her name.

“Kagome,” he said, his lips ghosting over hers. “Kagome.”

His lips brushed hers again, soft and warm. He found her earlobe, nibbled it gently. Suddenly her eyes opened, and she blinked twice. She looked up to find amber eyes gazing into hers.

“InuYasha,” she said sleepily, but smiling. “You’re home.”

“Yeah. I got Miroku to hurry his butt this time. I had better things to do than camp and listen to his bad jokes,” he replied, kissing her again. The kiss started off light, but as her hand lifted to entangle into his hair and wrap around the back of his neck, it intensified, their tongues moving in a slow and sensual dance.

“I’ve missed you,” she said, running her fingers along the neckline of his kosode, then slipping beneath it to feel the warmth of the skin beneath.

“Hmn,” he replied. “Missed you too,” he said, nibbling a line gently down her throat. His hand parted the opening of the kosode she was sleeping in, found the soft skin of her thigh. She gasped softly at the touch.

“Wanna get the lamp?” he whispered.

She nodded, kissed him lightly, then rolled out of bed. Untying the knot on her kosode obi as she walked to the lamp stand, she bent over and extinguished the wick. Returning to their bed, she shrugged her robe off and let it pool to the ground, and crawled back into bed, pulled up the covers, and snuggled up to her husband. Nuzzling her neck briefly, he drew her in close.

Suddenly, he snored.

Sighing, but smiling, Kagome snuggled closer, and serenaded by the sound of his breathing, fell back to sleep.

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