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New Books I'm Playing With

Me and my habit:

How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging

 (this is the new edition that just got released).  It's a photo book of traditional Japanese package wrappings, from elegant use of bamboo leaf to all sorts of boxes and other containers.  Really beautiful, not much text.

The World Turned Upside Down: Medieval Japanese Society

Covers Japan from the 12th c through the consolodation of power at the end of the 16th.  I bought this book especially cause it discusses the rise of the Hojo...and since the Hojo controlled Musashi at the time of InuYasha, I thought I might get some facts and ideas to blend in...

Kodo: Ancient Ways - Lessons in the Spiritual Life of the Warrior/Martial Artist

Zen oriented, profusely illustrated, looks like it will be an interesting read.  I opened it up to  a pic and actually recognized the battle scene -  the swordsman Musashi's great  duel with Sasaki Kojiro....I can tell I read this type of stuff too much.

I'm also reading bits of a book called Women of the Way, which is about noteworthy Buddhist nuns.  One of those stories is already on the road to get woven into to one of my tales.

The things that amuse me.....
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