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Fire on the Mountain, Lightning in the Air....

We've been getting socked in by smoke from various wildfires the last few days.  We even had a red air quality day yesterday because of it.  None of these fires are actually on our doorsteps, but they are sure reminders that fire season is not over by any means.

Hubby is being sent to the Sawmill Complex fire in Montana tomorrow.  I expecct he'll be gone for the entire 2 weeks they can use him without a break, as they were having great "fun" (not) over there today with mandatory evacuations even as they were telling him they wanted him there as an information officer, and they expect this fire to keep cooking at least somewhat until the season changes.

One of the fires they've almost caught up with in Southern California blew up again for the second time today.   Burned at least another 4000 acres.

And things had been slowing down some.  But the fires in what I call the upper tier  (Washington, Idaho, Montana and other nearby parts) are starting to cook.

Glad the smoke's cleared off this evening.  The mountains were smoke shrouded all day and over half the day today.
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