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Life is weird

Oh yes, life is weird.

Yesterday and the day before I wrote what was for me a fairly long narrative poem. It was harder than usual to write, wanting to snake away from my intent.  And I wanted to give it an ending that I eventually decided I couldn't do and be honest. There were things about the scansion and word choice I am not fully happy with, but after threating it with direst death and an afterlife of watching endless episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show, the poem settled down into a vein I wanted it to go, and it was acceptable enough to post.

Some person at media miner was shocked that you can tell a story, a real story, in a poem.

Wonder what Homer's ghost thought about that one?

Well, actually I stole the idea for the initial poetic image from a drabble contest.  Thought maybe after finding myself staring at mostly a bare sheet of paper that if I wrote what I started as a poem, then I could reverse engineer it back into prose.

Yeah.  Ain't going to be a drabble.  Well on its way to a one shot.  Me even writing narrative prose instead of poetry that's more than half a page is sort of a weirdness for the day, anyway.

The brain is an onery coot.

Other weirdnesses.  Starks got the Manga chapter 516 up at Rreelance Manga before Urd-Chan, and that shows that its going to be a weird week.

A friend of mine who I used to live near and work with back in New Orleans has been passing poetry with me.  She wrote the oddest poem about being in a processing queue to get her paper work completed in the afterlife, similar to the scenes in Beetlejuice, but not quite.  It was based on one of her dreams.

My dreams are usually not that vivid.

I have resisted the urge to tell more than one person yesterday that their stories are nice, but if they don't learn how to put line breaks in between paragraphs, I'll never read their pieces again.  I also resisted the urge to tell someone who wrote something about getting sick at Kagome's family's house that toilets in Japanese houses are not kept in the bathroom, although I did wonder briefly if Kagome's family would have a squat toilet or one of those really nice "Western" style fancy toilets that have high tech controls...I suspect the squat type, myself, being that it's an older house...

My mood isn't pretty.  Getting up at 3 am with an incredible hot flash didn't help, but I did get back to sleep for awhile.

So, today, I am hoping to run off to the library for awhile.  Editing, and escape from the internet is calling me....
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