knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: June Night

Written for IYhedonism's Haiku challenge. Won Moderator's choice!

June Night

silver half-moon light
danced through the window,
casting deep shadow

her eyes looked upward --
smoldering amber met hers
half hid in silver

something feral, that –
how the heat soared from his eyes
devouring her whole

lips brushed satin lips,
tongue dancing across softness
demanding entry

quickening of breath
evolving into a moan
as tongue met warm skin

triangular ear
flicked at the feather light touch
of soft fingertip

eager hands revealed
pale sweet skin ready to taste
hidden by white silk

fine line of silver:
she reached out softy and touched,
tracking it downward

his hand covered hers
slipping it under obi,
cool touch on hot skin

red and white rustle
the fabric slipping away
as skin sought hot skin

her legs drew him in
wrapping firmly around him
wetly ensnaring

sweet rhythm of life,
this hot pounding together,
hard into softness

crescendoing loud
as she rippled around him –
he howled to the moon

Tags: poem

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