knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Some days are like that....

Gripes below the cut Just a venting post.

Been feeling a bit under the weather. The usual season change shennanigans: achy flare up with an impending coldfront: hands are screaming, shoulder, knees. Something's kicking my digestion, too, so there's no way I can take anything like naproxen or ibuprofen right now, so I am stuck with alternative therapies. And I'm jumpy/moody swingy as all get. This is the first sunny day we've had in the last 5, and the days are just too short.

So trying to write is really hard right now.

And poor hubby having to be around when I'm strung out like this and every bit of rattling he does drives me up the wal. He's such a good man, and he's been trying to do some good and useful things, so I've been biting my lip not to grinch, since it's really my problem more than his. He has gotten our tv out of the box and set up, even though it's been three weeks since we've bought it. Means next saturday night I'll be able to watch the bit o' anime Adult Swim is throwing to us anime junkies if I'm awake long enough. We'll see. I hate it when my concentration gets so easily disturbed like this.

Part of my problem is this desk sux. I really need to reorganize my work space, move the old puter, and put the smaller desk I bought in here and junk this table which is too high for me. I just feel like crap and that's too much effort right now. But we'll see. It could make a real difference...

And why am I having real problems with some types of ftp on this system?

Questions, questions. Aches, aches. Winter sux.

And it's not even here yet for real.


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