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Timelines and Considerations

For those who might be curious, here's the latest version of my drabble story arc timeline

Faith (April 5, 1557)
Heart Talk (April 7, 1557)
The Kami-kiri: A Hairy Tale (April 12, 1557)
His Miko (early April, 1557)
Reversals ( Late April, 1557)
Hidden Spring (2nd or 3rd week of April, 1557)
Touch (4th week of April)
New Moon (April 28, 1557)
By the Light of the Lamp (April-May 1557)
Important Business (early May, 1557)
The Long Way Home (Early May, 1557)
Dark (Mid-May, 1557)
To Protect (May 28-29, 1557)
Force of Nature (Late May, 1557)
Baka (early June 1557)
Inugami (Late June 1557)
Painful Lesson (Late June 1557)
Laundry Day (First Week of July, 1557)
Sasayuri (early July, 1557)
Full Moon (Night of July 11, 1557)
Rescued (about July 20, 1557)
One Morning (July 26, 1557)
Chance Meeting (first week of August, 1557)
Theft (about August 10, 1557)
Possibilities (Mid-September, 1557)
Measuring (Early October, 1557)
Lunch Break (Second Week of October, 1557)
Moonlight Visit (Late October, 1557)
The Present (First week of January, 1558)
Morning in Early March (1st week of March, 1558)
Costs (after April 1558)

I'm up to 31 pieces. It's been kind of an interesting experience writing something in this fashion, one short scene at a time, jumping all over my time sequence. Never did this before, but it's been a kick.
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