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Drabble: Theft

Just some good morning IK fluff


Kagome lay on her stomach in the soft grass listening to the splashing going on in the stream nearby. It was a brilliant, hot summer day in early August, and she was feeling playful in spite of the heat.

This day, for a change, she was not Miko-sama, needing to act with dignity and seriousness, having shed her hakama and chiya for a light summer kosode in rose and white. “Like an ordinary woman,” she thought ironically, then chased away the ghost of that old memory. They had come to this area for a day away from everybody else and the demands of friends and training and the summer weather. InuYasha had chosen this place, where a pleasant meadow met a lovely cool stream, and cool woodlands. They were high enough in the mountains to be away from the thick heat surrounding the village, and far enough from other villages that they didn’t have to worry about who would think what.

InuYasha had set up camp for them where they could hear the wind rustling in the trees, and they had their lunch of onigiri and freshly caught grilled fish. She, lulled by the warmth and the quiet, fell asleep, pillowed on his lap. Later, she awoke as he moved her head onto the blanket and she heard him mutter something about going swimming.

So Kagome found herself next to the stream bank, laying on her stomach. She saw the pile of red and white fabric piled on the stream bank. For a moment, she thought about shedding her kosode and joining him, but another idea struck her. She wasn’t sure why she did it – but there it was, a perfect opportunity. As a stray dragonfly danced around the reeds, she saw her chance. A quick glance at the water showed her the long flash of silver hair dancing just beneath the water. She looked at the pile of red and white fabric piled on the stream bank. Suddenly, the clothes were in her hands and she was off running.

She suppressed a laugh as she ran up and away from the stream side. Dashing down the path, not too far away from the bank, within easy vision, she dropped his hakama. Leaving the pathway, she stopped just for a second, taking her bearings. Her black hair dancing behind her, she began running downwind, making a zigzag path through the trees. She thought she could hear splashing by the stream, and knew she didn’t have much time. Kagome, seeing a large rock hit by a bright beam of sun, laid his suikan on it.

She thought she heard her name being called. Giggling now, she ran through the woods back towards camp. Before she got there though, she found herself running into a hard wall of warm masculine chest.

Looking up, she saw intense amber eyes staring back at her. Kagome stepped backwards, saw her husband standing there, clad only in his hakama. Beams of sunlight played across his skin and wet silver hair. He casually carried his suikan slung over one shoulder, and a scowl played across his face.

“Woman thinks she’s being funny, eh?” he said.

Kagome clutched his kosode to her chest and giggled nervously.

A smirk touched his lips. “Two can play at that game,” he said, and dropping his jacket, he attacked.

Soon, she was shrieking as he tickled her unmercifully. They both ended up on the ground, he on top of her, and as she caught her breath, she could feel her playfulness turning into something different as she gazed into his eyes. She reached up, touched his face.

“Maybe I should steal your clothes more often,” she said.

“You could just ask me to take them off,” he replied. Then after a long and lingering kiss, he proceeded to remove hers.

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