knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

More Gankage. One wasn't enough.

How Addicted are you to the Internet?

You Are 60% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?

You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.

I wonder if I was honest enough with that one....

What Gender is your brain?

Your Brain is 40% Female, 60% Male

You have a total boy brain

Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts

And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...

You never like to get feelings too involved

Must be my day for gender confusion! LOL

How average American are you?

You Are 50% "Average American"

You are average because you don't think people should be jailed for using marijuana.

You are not average since you've known your best friend for less than ten years.

What's it mean when you're half average...
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