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Drabble: Measuring

Just some afternoon IK fluff


It always amazed InuYasha to catch Kagome doing housewife things: cleaning, mending, washing. After all the months they had been together, he still found it hard to believe that anybody would bother doing things like this for him.

Today, as he strode into their home after a walk around the village and a chat with Miroku, he found out that today she was sewing. She had a roll of white cotton fabric laid out on the floor, with some pieces already cut.

“Take off your suikan,” Kagome said. Her dark hair covered her face as she kneeled over a folded piece of cloth, cutting it expertly.

“Why?” he asked as he reached for his ties.

She rummaged through her sewing basket, reaching for a length of paper ribbon. Looking up, she smiled sweetly at him and stood up.

“You need another kosode,” she said, watching him shrug off his jacket. “After that battle last week, your other kosode is just too ragged to fix, and since the collar got ripped, I can’t even use it to measure you for a new one. This is what happens when you fight without your fire rat.”

“What was I supposed to do?” he asked, folding the red garment and laying it down on a chest. “Couldn’t let Rin get burned by that thing’s acid? I don’t even want to begin to think about what my brother would have done if I had.”

“Oh, I could imagine,” Kagome said, walking up next to him. “Stand still. I need to measure the back of your neck.”

“Probably would have tried to make me eat my fire rat, and then gut it out of me,” InuYasha muttered, pulling his hair out of the way, while her fingers gently measured the back of his neck. He gave a little shiver as her fingertips brushed across the sensitive skin.

“You did the right thing. If it happens again, I’ll just make you another kosode,” Kagome said. “Got it,” she said, pinching the ribbon to mark her measurement and kissing the back of his neck lightly before turning back to her work. “Could you put the kettle on?” she asked.

“Sure,” he replied, turning back to the fire pit, where he checked the tea kettle, then settled it on the pot hook to heat. He turned to watch her. Today, she was not wearing her miko garb, but instead, had on a kosode of pale blue marked with darker blue flowers. InuYasha watched how she moved across the fabric, blue against the white, cutting out the neckline of the garment, and thought how good it made her look. The autumn sunlight glinted, honey-warm on her hair, pulled back in a low pony tail, with the inevitable wisps straggling out along her face. She looked tranquil, busy, happy.

Sitting back up, she reached for something in her sewing basket. InuYasha noticed she was tying her obi higher as the swelling in her abdomen had become more pronounced. Seeing her concentrate, eyes almost crossed as she threaded a needle, he felt something warm stir in him, at what his life had become.

Pulling the thread through the needle, Kagome looked up at him. “What ya thinking about?” she asked.

“Was remembering when nobody cared if I had any kosode, much less a second one,” he said.

Kagome sighed a little, and gave him a wry smile. “I hope you like it better this way.”

He moved closer to her, kneeling down and leaning across the fabric. “You know I do.” He leaned a little further, and gave her a small, light kiss.

She gave him a brilliant smile, then made a distressed face, resting her hand on her stomach. “I’m not sure your little one is as happy. Could you make me some tea?”
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