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The Ben Franklin Pirate Ship Colonial Cowboy

Today, we went out to something in Boise called "The Museum Comes to Life," where the different reenacting communities and other folk come out to help demonstrate the way things used to be through whatever time period they want to use. There were a cohort from the local SCA, a WWII group, an American Civil War group, a group that reenacts the fur-trade era (about 1820-1840), a bunch of classic cars and a display of motors, and several other things.

Earlier plans were that I was going to do a period dyeing demo, but that didn't work out. But we still went, my hubby in a lovely blue waist coat, ruffled shirt, blue knee pants, and a cocked hat, with period style glasses. He wears his hair down, growing it out so he can wear it in a period style pony tail, since he absolutely refuses to wear a wig, and it looks vaguely like Benjamin Franklin in style.

Thus the title of this post. In our round-about walk, he was called a cowboy by a little boy of about 3, a pirate ship by a boy probably about the same age, a Colonial by a 10 year old boy who loves history (Yay!) and Ben Franklin by a 20 something woman.

This tickled him to know end. We actually reenact the late Rev-War/early Federalist period, ca. 1785-1795. But it was still fun. If he were on LJ, I would make him a Ben Franklin Pirate Ship Colonial Cowboy user pic! LOL
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