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Drabble: One Morning

Oh, Cotton got let loose on this one, for sure. (Almost embarrassed to post it!) A follow-up piece to Full Moon.

One Morning

She lay sleeping on her back, one arm stretched lazily out over her head, the other alongside of her body. The early morning sunlight coming through the window touched her face with soft color, bringing out the rose in her cheeks, the fine line of her nose, the bow of her mouth. The black cascade of her hair, unruly and falling into uneven streams fanned out behind her, falling off the futon and onto the floor below.  

She radiated contentment and peace as she rested there. Her neck and shoulders were bare, creamy white in the morning light. The blue coverlet, pulled up just under her arms, outlined the softness of her shape, the curve of her breast, the line of her hip. To the man who was watching at the foot of her bed, she was absolutely beautiful.

She stirred a little, turning her head and exposing the white of her throat. Something in him stirred at the sight, and gently, he crawled up her sleeping form, and lowered himself just over her body, not quite touching.  His mouth found her neck, planting small soft kisses, moving up to her jaw.  His nose nuzzled her ear.

“Umm . . . InuYasha,” she said, sleepily reacting to his touch.

“Good morning, Koibito,” he said, lifting his head as she turned to face him.

She blinked at him sleepily, and smiled.  Slowly, she raised a hand to touch his cheek.  “You look rather happy this morning.”

He leaned closer, brushed his lips gently against hers.  “Yeah,” he said, pulling back after the kiss. “I guess I am.”

He brushed his nose with hers, kissed her gently again, and rolled over to the side.  She snuggled up next to him, resting her head on his shoulder.  “This is more than the night of the new moon being over, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he said.  He kissed her forehead.  “When my smell came back this morning, I could tell.  Your scent has changed.”  He rested a hand gently on her abdomen.

“You’re sure?”  Her blue-grey eyes shone with emotion, to meet his amber eyes, just as shining.

He nodded. “I smelled the same type of change in Sango’s scent each time,” he replied.  

“Good,” she replied.  She reached up her hand to cup his face, and he followed her hand back down into a deep, adoring kiss.

She smiled as he pulled away.  “Wonder if the baby will have your ears?”

“Feh,” he said.  “You and your thing about ears!”

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