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Drabble: Laundry Day

Just some morning I/K silliness

Laundry Day

In a flash of red and silver, the dog-eared young man dropped out of the trees near his house and sauntered up to where his wife was working. She had evidently been hard at work.  Several wet garments were dripping from their drying rods along side of the house, and some of their bedding hung up on a line, catching the breeze.  He approached her from her back side, watching the rise and fall of her shoulders as she worked on whatever it was she had in the tub, and how the work kosode she was wearing fit snugly across her rear.  It was a pleasant view.  He was glad that hentai Miroku wasn’t around to enjoy it.

“Laundry day, huh?” said he said, as he sat down next to her.

“Take off your kosode,” Kagome said.   Not looking at him, she sat back on her feet, and wiped a stray lock of hair that had escaped from the scarf she had wrapped around her head.   “I’m almost done, and your kosode definitely needs washing.”

“Why?” InuYasha asked.  “You think it’s dirty?”

She wrinkled her nose.  “I know it’s dirty.  It was really hot yesterday when you did all that work on Keitaro’s new house.”

He sighed as he pulled off his suikan and then unfastened his kosode, tossing it into the clothes basket next to her.  He stood in front of her, slinging his fire rat over one shoulder.“You never used to complain when we were hunting for the shards.”

She looked up as she began to wring out the cloth in her hands, seeing him stand there, his hakama slung low and a pouty look on his face.  His skin was golden and unmarked.  The warm light highlighted the cut of the muscle across his stomach and chest.  She caught herself noticing the fine line of white hair that pointed down to beneath his hakama obi.   She swallowed, and quickly looked back at her work.  “That was then,” she replied, giving the cloth a final squeeze.  “Be glad your fire-rat cleans itself.”  She reached for one of the drying  rods next to her to slide through the sleeves.

“Let me hang that up for you,” he said, reaching over the tub to take it from her.  His hands gently touched hers as he did, and he smirked ever so slightly as he took the wet garment on its rod from her hands.

‘Damn his sense of smell,’ Kagome thought, not for the first time.

He intentionally sauntered over to the drying rack, moving to his best advantage.  She dumped his kosode into the water, not sure whether to be irritated or pleased.  Pleased won, and knowing what he was doing, she admired the show he put on. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her looking at him, and how she was looking at him. Not yet ready to admit his victory yet, she turned back to her work, sneaking small glances his way while  pretending to be uninterested. Finally the last piece was done and hanging up to dry.  Putting it on the rack, she turned around.

He could feel the heat in her gray eyes as she turned around to look at him.   She dried her hands on her kosode sleeve and moved next to him, wrapped an arm around his waist, and let her small hand slip into the side opening  of his hakama, smiling when he reacted to the touch of her hand on the bare skin she found there.

“I...I have something else for you to wear inside,” she said, licking her lips.  “But you’ll have to try it on for size.”

Smiling, he let her lead him back into the house.  “I love laundry day,” he thought, then fastened the door closed.

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